The GabCast – 16 September, 2016


The GabCast is a podcast about On this episode…
jaz and RED are reunited in podcasting heaven and are joined by Inglorious Bitch and GabCast virgin whoozit. They discuss the recent changes in BellGab hierarchical thread structure and can’t seem to get off the topic of George Senda, The Guy From Pittsburgh (a.k.a. Falkie2013).

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The Fret Files – Episode 26


The Fret Files: A Guitar Workshop Podcast

Eric Daw, a 20 year guitar repair veteran, talks guitar tech, guitar repair, guitar tools, guitar building and all things relating to the art of guitar craft. Eric takes calls, reads emails, and interviews a myriad of interesting guitar people.

In this episode, Eric and Melissa talk about neck resets, linear vs. audio taper pots, sustain loss during a refret, and more. The second half of the show is a great interview with guitar repair master Mark Tossman.

To participate in the show, you can leave a message with your question or comment by calling or texting 757-774-8482. To email the show, visit Eric at and click the contact link. Visit the show online at Thanks for listening.

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