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MVDRT 7 June 2010

Yeah, yeah… we know it took a WEEK to post this episode after it was recorded.  Perhaps we need to find someone who can work as an entirely unpaid member of our staff for the purpose of taking care of these things for us.  On this exciting broadcast, the oil continues spewing, Evelyn rambles on with her commie environmentalist propaganda as Michael feels bad for BP, the FTC takes a gander at the office copier hard drive fiasco, 3D is just a bowl of smegma, and Michael plans to train his brain to see upside down.  It’s time to end the absurdity of marijuana prohibition, Montel smokes pot in front of the sheriff during a speech, and salvia is the new parental fear memeThe Wikileaks guy gets arrested, this show needs an Israel expert, and Michael gets annoyed by attempts at multicultural pronunciation among TV anchors.  The VanDerSloot car confession is revisited, Helen Thomas makes us want to exclaim, “Oh, Grandma…” and GM has apparently hired the P.J. Goebbels PR Firm.  This broadcast rocked.

Here’s a link to Michael’s marijuana prohibition paper.

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Who needs saltpetre?