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The GabCast – 27 January, 2014


This week, hosts Onan, Jazmumda and Eddie Dean discuss travel nightmares and video rentals.  Aldous Burbank joins in the conversation with an interesting new game.  Music provided by 3 Ugly Guys.

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The GabCast – 20 January, 2014


On this GabCast episode, hosts Jazmunda, b_dubb and Eddie Dean discuss BellGab features and topics.  A new Gabcast show logo needs more thought.  Riker’s “Stink Balls” has new meaning for TNG fans.  A paranoid pot story from down under.  A satisfied GabCast contest winner (Agent: Orange) suggests an idea for future winners.

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The Fret Files – Episode 1


The Fret Files: A Guitar Workshop Podcast

Eric Daw, a 20 year guitar repair veteran, talks guitar tech, guitar repair, guitar tools, guitar building and all things relating to the art of guitar craft. Eric takes calls, reads emails, and interviews a myriad of guitar industry moguls.

In this, the debut episode, Eric explains his obsession for guitars, talk radio, Buddy Holly, and how it all ties together. A caller spins his tale of woe about a broken headstock, and another caller has static electricity issues with his pickguard. Eric talks guitar repair prices, how they vary regionally, and what to watch out for when getting a quote. To close out the show, Eric is joined by John Guilford of Guilford Guitars ( to talk tone, custom guitars, fret ends, hardware, and making guitars out of trees.

To participate in the show, you can leave a message with your question or comment by calling 757-774-8482.  To email the show, visit Eric at and click the contact link. Thanks for listening.

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