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The Spec Sheet – 15 July, 2014


Comcast is a horrid company, Satya Nadella routinely uses 1000 words to express a 5 word thought,  and Dell is just as terrible as it’s ever been.  Lots of negativity.

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It seems we’ve used this image in the past, but so what if we have. It applies.

The GabCast – 7 July, 2014


The Gabcast  (Eddie, B-Dubb, Onan & Jazmunda) attempt to graduate from 7th grade (metaphorically speaking) by engaging astrophysicist  Agent : Orange (of BellGab) in a discussion about all things Quantum Physics.  Things seem to go exceedingly well until Skype mayhem strikes.  Was the Internet turned inside out by Quantum bozos?  Who will be the first to trademark the trendy & magical word “Quantum” to reap tens of dollars in profit?  Listen to this very special episode of the GabCast to find out.

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