The GabCast – 23 December, 2013

The gabcasters discuss the virtues of meeting people on the internet, doomsday prepping, getting quoted, and fake alien encounters. Aldous joins the gang for an unforgettable Christmas message and Mary-Anne shares her tips on quiche making.

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3 thoughts on “The GabCast – 23 December, 2013

  1. You guys are doing such an excellent job with these shows. It’s sooo listenable. Thanks for everything.

  2. Just a comment Rollye James’ last three shows are this week Mon, Tues and I think Wednesday. But for the George Noory bashers will find delight that Rollye confirmed
    twice on her December 23, 2013 that “George Noory is an idiot!” Right on Rollye!!!
    Love ‘ya babe!

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