MVDRT May 31, 2009

This show marked a proud moment as MVDRT resumed after over 2 and a half years of silence.  We talked about the fact Rupert Murdoch is a shriveled old man who doesn’t understand the future of media despite the millions he’s made IN media.  We suggested that perhaps the GOP hacks who have a problem with Obama‘s theater trip to NYC should shut their holes.  Just a suggestion.  Not that we love Dems around here, tho.  We mentioned a potential oxygen powered battery which could power your phone in a few years.  There might be problems with that.  Listen for further details.  Some anti religion fanatics want to make Jerry Falwell‘s university pay taxes.  We think anti religion people are boring and generally devoid of any soul, but that doesn’t mean Falwell’s fat corpse is worth respecting, either.  Listen for a thorough discussion.  Phil Spector is sentenced, a Saudi man is beheaded and crucified, and the sun spot cycle could be quite juicy in 2013.

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Look at him. He couldn't have done it.
Look at him. He couldn’t have done it.

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  1. thanks, max, but 3.5 of 5 is actually 70% which seems kinda shitty to me. it would just BARELY be passing in many schools. are you sure 3.5 is all you’re going to squeeze out? it seems we deserve at least a 4. perhaps 4.2.

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