MVDRT September 7, 2009

The show tonight could be seen as perhaps one of the greatest moments in recorded human history.  Michael treats Evelyn like she has a penis, Evelyn used to sit isolated in a room while someone screamed “Asshole!!!” at her in a quest for enlightenment, and Michael hopes to addict the world with the Marlboro Blend 27Obama and Hitler have much in common, Evelyn wants to suicide bomb PETA, the Earth Liberation Front needs your pledged contributions today, Nabila is hot, and the Swine Flu is bull crap.

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6 thoughts on “MVDRT September 7, 2009

  1. Enjoyable show as always guys. (Also cool to hear some fiber optics talk from the AT&T caller!) Can’t wait for the next…(special guest I hear? hmmmmm….)

  2. LOL. Of course. I joined AOL in 1993 just to establish that e-mail.

    Nah, i’m just messing. :o)

    Actually, I think AOL would delete or not allow any “obscene” screen names, so I’m not sure if that would be allowed or not? I mean, it’s just “boobs” and not “cunt waffle” or something so..I dunno.

  3. while i do understand their potential reservations about “boobs,” i’m not sure why there would be a hitch with cunt_waffle.

  4. Yeah. Millions of users of AOL said the same thing. That’s not a bad thing really. I say it all the time.

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