The GabCast – 12 May, 2014


In this episode of the GabCast, Onan, Eddie Dean, Jazmunda & B_Dubb talk about: dreams, sleep walking,, the Art Bell drinking game and some unfortunate spelling errors found in E-books released by Google.
Also, we play a new Public Service Announcement from our sponsor. Taintco has joined forces with the law offices of Skeeter, Darryl and Darryl. There is a product recall due to a public health concern with Taintco’s product line called ‘Handsome Gentlements Mustache Wax & Engine Degreeser’.
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1 thought on “The GabCast – 12 May, 2014

  1. did onan wear a condom when he banged his microphone? i’ll take my answer off the interweb

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