The Spec Sheet – 15 July, 2014


Comcast is a horrid company, Satya Nadella routinely uses 1000 words to express a 5 word thought,  and Dell is just as terrible as it’s ever been.  Lots of negativity.

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It seems we’ve used this image in the past, but so what if we have. It applies.

1 thought on “The Spec Sheet – 15 July, 2014

  1. Ugh, Comcast. I just went through 2 months of hell disconnecting our service. They pull a scam where they send you a box and a UPS label to return your equipment, then they ‘lose’ your equipment. Then they charge you for it. You have to provide a tracking number in order for them to take the charges off, but the label originated FROM COMCAST, so THEY have the tracking number, not me. Complete scammers. I hate them. Apparently it’s something they do all the time to people.

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