MVDRT September 27, 2009

Tonight was Heaven.  Just absolute, unbridled, unqualified Heaven.  Mostly.  Evelyn is holding out on the new website design in a bid to get more cash, people at the equator are lighter, and Sam’s Club has Mexican Coke.  Dead people are going to start banging, Evelyn wants Adobe Inc. to control the English language, and private citizens are shilling for sports franchises without compensation.  Michael suggests making clocks out of dead mice, Evelyn fears being fired by Michael, and Oliver Stone is a lying jism satchel.

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Bad move, bro.
Bad move, bro.

4 thoughts on “MVDRT September 27, 2009

  1. I think there’s something big to those Oklahoma tape edits. That whole thing was flimsy from the start. Hell, beyond flimsy – it’s downright blasphemy that a good movie about it hasn’t been made yet.

  2. “it’s downright blasphemy that a good movie about it hasn’t been made yet.”

    you make a good point. i’d like to see a quality film on the subject.

  3. The Waco incident (or better put: “massacre”) needs a good movie as well. So many things they could/should do. If I ran Hollywood, I’d do some serious housecleaning.

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