The GabCast – 31 January, 2015

On tonight’s show we talk about Art Bell’s announced return in July 2015. Also, Art joined us in the chat room during this episode, so we threw him a number of questions which he happily answered for all of us fanbois.

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Dear board: Which HAM band is Art using these days?

4 thoughts on “The GabCast – 31 January, 2015

  1. MV, I feel your pain. Yes I am the Flash that hit a bad nerve several months ago on the Tech Sheet. I really didn’t mean to do that. It was meant in good fun. I forget that you don’t know me and true intent dosn’t transmit through text. That out of the way. I am a fan. I’ve heard all the Tech Sheet episodes with you and Curtis. I love the Gabcast even though I almost never read anything on Bellgab. You all have great chemistry! I understand that most of your audience are younger. I , on the other hand, am old. I turned 60 late last year. Hopefully wise and not a wise ass like Falky. This last episode was classic. It’s not complete without that initial problem ridden trek through tech catastrophy! It was handled in a way that not even the least tech savvy person could not have thought it was funny. I complement you. I spent several of my younger years in radio broadcasting and have spent most of my adult life in electronic engineering. The most fun I’ve had in life is trying out new tech and pushing the limits.
    These days, it is amazing how much can be done with little cash. The reason I have not visited your chat room again is that I start my days very early and usually go to be not log after your program starts. I would like to call sometime when I can stay awake. Keep up the good work and have fun while you can!

  2. Hi there. You said you hit a nerve, but I have no recollection at all of anything you could be referring to. Maybe you could refresh my memory, but whatever it is that happened, it couldn’t have been that bad since I can’t even remember.

    That’s cool to know there are real people out there listening to this stuff, so thank you.

  3. If you don’t remember, that’s GREAT! I had forgotten myself. I replayed the episode a few days ago and I thought ,”Damn, I did it again!” Again, I forgot
    exactly what You and Curtis were discussing. In the chatroom, I typed “OK, next subject”. I was trying to be just a little campy. You were a little offended and verbalized it. After you said something I realized I should have not said anything like that because you have no clue who or how I am. I was out of line. I admit it. Anyway. I want to start over. LOL You guys have a lot of fun and it’s fun hearing it.
    OK. Next . Subject. Art Bell. A short thought. I’m in pretty good shape for my age. I think young. But, in the past 5 years I started having full body pain. Art is ten years my senior. If he feels worse then I. I would just stay retired. Especially if I had his cash. Can’t wait till the next show. This should have been posted on Bellgab.

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