3 thoughts on “The GabCast – 23 June, 2015

  1. 1st time listener here. I can REALLY tell I’m going to like listening!(warm smilz) I’m another believer who feels that when Art Bell left Coast to Coast, that the show derailed, and would never be the same. I can tell I’ve come to the right place, and there are MANY of us who feel the same way. I’m also excited to hear about “Midnight in the Desert”! I believe it will be even better even, than if Art had stayed with C2C.(WAY too much advertising, and become just a “broken record of a show”.) Looking forward to hearing Art, fresh guests with new topics, thoughts, and things to say.(as well as some old guests too.)
    I’m sure George N. is a nice guy, but sadly, isn’t able to give the show what it truly deserved/deserves. The owners/brass limit it in too many ways and choke listeners with too many ads. Hosts and fill-in hosts that just don’t bring their A-game, guests and topics lacking anything fresh, and the listening experience is not what it could/should be. Been a die hard listener since Art began the show. Continued to listen since I couldn’t find anything equal to what was once a great one.
    At any rate, I wasn’t expecting to find the forum, your blog, and podcasts. I REALLY feel I’ve lucked out here today. So for all you do, THANKS!
    Best regards always,

    Todd S. – Monroe, OR

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