MVDRT November 8, 2009

After a show like this, the streets will flow with the blood of the nonbelievers.  Michael can’t stop shoving food into his fat hole during the show, Evelyn has fleas and is covered in feces, and Michael is now a fancy college boy.  The iPhone has fallen prey to an exploit, you clearly need to own an 18-button mouse, and watch out smart-phone owners: Verizon is going to double your early termination fee.  Michael’s decade-old admonitions about Britney Spears are now coming true, your masseuse should probably be allowed to finish you off without going to jail, and the current flavor of health care reform legislation will be a double-edged sword.

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Don't worry.  Nobody will notice.
Don't worry. Nobody will notice.

5 thoughts on “MVDRT November 8, 2009

  1. I’m so sorry that I have been missing the live shows and the chat rooms. School is killing me, and COD:Modern Warfare 2 is sucking my life away so I find myself listening late during the week nights as I type papers, pretending to be a good student.

  2. I truly hate grad school – but if I survive another 2 months – I’ll be 1/2 way to my M Ed

    So – the suffering continues – but there is a pinhole of light.

  3. phan… i don’t blame you at all. i’ve seen the reviews of modern warfare 2 and the videos to go along with it. looks AMAZING. i just wish i could get into shooter games, because if i could, this one would probably have me pitching a tent. i’m just sayin.

  4. yeah, i’ve taken a look at dragon age. it looks pretty good in the dramatic sequences i’ve seen, but the actual gameplay looks to me pretty much like dungeon siege. it didn’t appear to be terribly innovative or different. maybe that’s an undeserved first impression, though.

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