MVDRT November 19, 2009

After tonight’s show, we’re considering the installation of splash guards.  It truly was a momentous occasion, destined for the annals of broadcast history.  Michael experiences live nicotine withdrawal convulsions on air, Evelyn is addicted to the show Car Talk, and Michael comes unhinged in a 25 minute rant on why sucks.  You must hear his review.  Nancy Pelosi wants you to go to jail if you don’t buy health insurance under ObamaCare, Evelyn is rocking back and forth in a straitjacket during her cold Massachusetts nights, and Michael is in love with Sara Palin.  ACTA could have you banned from the Internet for life, Curtis stops by to discuss Google’s release of their new Chromium OS, and Nabila wasn’t here.

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Say BOTOX!  Ok, "cheese" will do.
Say BOTOX! Ok, "cheese" will do.

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