MVDRT November 25, 2009

Evelyn will send each listener who finds the word “the” in tonight’s show a complimentary Bag Box.  Good luck.  Michael has finally been sucked into the black hole known as FaceBook, Evelyn claims her poodle is actually a living, sentient animal deserving to be treated as such, and attempts to pacify Michael with crumbs.  911 communicaes are making their way to WikiLeaks, Google’s Chrome browser will soon have an extension library similar to that of FireFox, and Sammy Sosa is pulling a Michael Jackson.  The new Motorola Doid phone is just another disappointment in the push to de-throne the iPhone, cops are going taser happy, and Evelyn is swilling Vitamin D by the barrel.

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What would Malcom X have to say?
What would Malcom X have to say?

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