6 thoughts on “The GabCast – 12 December, 2015

  1. MV is a fat turd who bans people if certain of his pussy friends on Bellgab complain about critical posts, but he lets other people post all kinds of nasty and inflammatory shit with immunity, assuming his pussy Bellgab butt-hole buddies are ok with the poster. What a fucking hypocrite. Enjoy your perpetual circle-jerk of a website you stupid wanker.

    By the way, your Gabcasts are not amusing in the least, and you’re not funny at all. Your “funny voices” are obnoxious and irritating and devoid of humor.

  2. Hey, Donald Noory. Your posts are a bore. Everything you submit is done for the purpose of baiting. It’s just that I eventually get exhausted having to read certain categories of dreck. I’ll let you back in. Just try and drop the cunt-bag shtick a tad.

  3. Mister Falkie Cow R+

    reading your outburst leads me to the conclusion that you must have been dropped on your precious head at the moment of your birth – – –
    some people recover from this disaster – but in your case that recovery did not take place – welcome to planet Earth …
    Keep on mingling —
    till you’re able to come around ~ ~ ~

  4. Here’s an idea….. If you’re going to host a podcast discussing Arts departure and RCHs comments regarding the DMRN, why don’t you educate yourself first and LISTEN to both shows in question. If this stalker reason is genuine how ironic will it be if it turns out to be a bellgab member, may be then you’ll realise how much better your right to free speech might have been used for all these years….. Get over it guys, Art has quit, life goes on, maybe you guys need a life of your own rather than spend the next 10 years discussing this. Listen to an archived show and be happy.

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