7 thoughts on “The GabCast – 01 January, 2016

  1. very entertaining show..wish i hadn’t drunkenly deleted the reminder and i could have listened live

  2. Wow, stunningly ignorant political commentary on this show. First of all, Obama helped bring the country back from a major recession that was caused by George W. and his cronies who de-regulated everything. The unemployment rate is around 5%, maybe a little higher if you consider people who have stopped looking for jobs. The stock market is over 17000, the highest it’s ever been. Gas is below $3 in most states. Do you know how much the Republicans would be crowing if they had a President in office now, and they had those kinds of numbers? Yes, there are still many people who are struggling, but it would be much worse if a Republican had been elected.

    And the reason Obama couldn’t get more done is because he had douchebag Republicans trying to block everything, whose sole objective is to say no to Obama, to appease the tea-party yahoos in their base, and to keep their cushy jobs. They are still trying to repeal Obamacare for the 62nd time, and what have they put up to replace it? NOTHING! What did they do Healthcare-wise when they had 8 years before Obama? NOTHING! How much tax-payer money have they wasted trying to repeal something 62 times, when it will only get vetoed by Obama?

    As far as Donald Trump goes, please point to any detailed plans he’s put forward to make this country better. It’s been proven his lame tax plan will only add to the deficit, and cut taxes for the rich. Name one other plan he’s put forward, with actual details. All he says is “I’m great, I’m rich, I’ll make this country great, I’ll do good deals with China, I’ll build a wall, blah blah blah.” With no details whatsoever of how he will get these things done. And furthermore, even if he were to somehow win the Presidency, these things wouldn’t get done because Congress would have to vote on them first, and they would never get approved by Congress. Trump would not be a king who could wave his magic wand and make things happen.

    Again, stunningly ignorant political commentary.

  3. You are the definition of a hack. An idealogue. A party line zombie. Your president is a failure. Accept it. The first step toward acceptance is to stop using the term “5% unemployment” with a straight face.

  4. Still waiting for you to point out any detailed plans that Trump has released, which will improve the country. And by detailed plans, I don’t mean “imma gonna build a big old wall” or “I will deport everyone” or “I will get good deals done with China.”
    And while you’re searching, look for ones that have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting approved by Congress. Guess I’ll be waiting an awfully long time….

  5. Unemployment rate of 5% lmao.


    Btw never trust a man that can only cry on one side of his face.

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