15 thoughts on “The GabCast – 18 January, 2016

  1. The midnight musky bottom brigade and I, it’s fearless leader, just listened to Heather’s tell all tale of woe and it doesn’t sound good. Heather and I both know your whitewashed BS about the so called interview is total hogwash. Sounds like our musky bottoms night had you in full scale melt down mode until 6am and Keith and Art scrambling to find a replacement. We did get on again. That Monday and again Friday when Chino, UB (tounge punch your speed bag) and the heavy breather desert picnic date prank call got on. Face it Heather. We give your show that musky bump! You like it, you love it, you even bought our musky bottom T shirt. http://Www.booster.com/muskybottoms. Until next time 😉

  2. Nervosa….I can consume half a bowl of alphabet soup and deficate better comebacks than yo skanky ass. Now…. STFU and make me some eggs hoe!

  3. It is defecate, not deficate. Go to school and learn how to spell versus trolling conversations on ufo ship. It that a big 10-4 good buddy? Are you a racist, or just a sexual discriminate?

  4. The guy did whine and moan like a baby the whole podcast. All he could do was throw insults at redacted. No civility whatsoever, describes this so called man while redacted was totally calm. So, what does that say? It says, Redacted is more respectable like the themudking and bateman is a fool and a goon.

  5. Fred! You yuppie blockhead sounding mislead and likely inbred. Before you start seeing red take a breath, pull that thumb out of your ass and take your own advice instead. So get ahead grab a book and get it read cause the correct way to write that was “IS that’s a big 10-4 good buddy?” Suck it.

  6. Totally agree with the general jist of this show. Art has once again screwed the listeners… Luckily for me I stopped listening to his show after only a month or two of his comeback.
    There was just too many rules hellbent on defending the establishment.
    Art was only ever in it for the advertising. That´s fair enough expect his big thing was listen to use for free… all 40 minutes out of every 60…

    As a matter of curiosity I did some web checking to find police reports… Didn´t manage to come up with any. It´d be nice for all of those on different forums who say they are online to provide a link.

    Isn´t it entirely possible… wait for it… That someone just gave him 10 years advertising revenue to just go mute… ???

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