17 thoughts on “The GabCast – 04 February, 2016

  1. You know what would have been interesting? Asking why Art handed the show to a messageboard superfan who is literally worse than Noory. Instead “what books would you bring to the future?” and talk about how pretty mixed race people are. What a complete waste of two hours.

  2. that Hoagland STALKER sure is one annoying son of a bitch.
    Dude can’t calmly explain what the hell his problem is,
    nobody wants to listen to a guy who sounds like he got rabies.

  3. @Hoagland Stalker:
    Dude you ARE a stalker, maybe not physically seeking out Hoagie,
    but what you do online and on the phone IS LITERALLY STALKING.
    Obviously, you’re too stupid to understand that.

  4. You are a complete jerk that is obviously swimming at the bottom of the gene pool. Only a bottom feeder would invoke the name of Ramona to cut as deeply as possible at a man who has given everything to each and everyone of his real fans. You are obviously not a fan, nor have you ever been…. I fan would be sympathetic to his situation.

  5. That guy that kept calling back to attack Art was ANNOYING. I’m glad they hung up on the idiot. Other than that I think it was a great interview. I’m thrilled that Art has not given up on the idea of coming back. LOVE YOU ART BELL !!!

  6. So you ‘like to wear the pants in your relationship’? You sound like a complete misogynistic idiot, upon my first time listening. Art did this for his daughter, and his wife was correct. We all miss him, but there is no reason to dismiss Heather, AND females in general. Shame

  7. Really a great listen. Art’s fascinating, and Michael is a pro. Haters gonna hate. This was 2 hours of some of the best (almost) commercial free radio I’ve heard in a long time.

  8. Art Bell is a first-class professional. I wist he would return in some capacity. I really do not see what he aees in Heather though. She is awkward and not genuine in my opinion.

  9. Finally got the chance to listen to the show. Great job! I am very worried about Art, Michael. I see a pattern in his starting and quitting his show. When Ramona died he admitted on the air that she was greatly responsible for the success of Coast to Coast. It seemed that when she died Coast died as well. Art’s perpetually coming back to radio is each time an attempt to resurrect her, and each time then when reality hits, he loses interest and quits. Eventually he will be forced to deal with the pain of his loss, however terrible that may be. I would keep in touch frequently with him. He is a national treasure who deserves the highest honor. I also believe you folks at GabCast are a dedicated group to high quality radio. I greatly appreciate you guys.

  10. YOURE A MANGINA BITCH LOL heather is not going to fuck you or pat you on the back jesus get some self respect

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