MVDRT June 8, 2009

Tonight’s show was historic in nature as Borr called in to talk about undigested vitamin supplements in the sewage system, Frys Girl told us she’d abandon Apple for the Palm Pre, and Evelyn informed me via her New England accent she’s unwilling to hit her poodle in exchange for PayPal money.  David Carradine‘s death photo is circulating, Nabila is making your baby’s diapers, and it’s time to end copy protection of content YOU PAID FOR!

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Just a slight kick, please.
Just a slight kick, please.

3 thoughts on “MVDRT June 8, 2009

  1. Actually, you said “give him a little kick” — but I wo’t hit him either. He may be big (He stands on his back legs and puts his front paws on my shoulders) but he’s the sensitive type.


  2. Okay – just to be clear with everyone. Fred is cream colored — I do not dye him funky colors – and I refuse to kick him.


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