MVDRT January 29, 2010

Tonight’s broadcast extravaganza marked a number of firsts as Michael walks off the show, Evelyn and Curtis proceed to demonstrate the unimportance of Michael’s continued presence, and CBS doesn’t want your gay kissing advert.  Tiger Woods gets a 9.2, and the iPad gets a 3.  Avatar might as well have been an Alan Alda film, anti-Obama sites are hacked, and Curtis is haunted by banging ghosts.

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Who could object to girls kissing?

7 thoughts on “MVDRT January 29, 2010

  1. Michael does a god job of writing show blurbs — but sometimes . . . This week Curtis and I and said GOOD things about Avatar. Then again, I rather like Alan Alda.

  2. The picture for this episode is just ………..amazing *tongue SLAMS against floor** for so many reasons.

    How can you not like Alan Alda.

  3. I’m cool man. I have been dug in at school and have had bad luck catching the show. Just trying to listen to all I’ve missed. Hope you, Princess Nabby, and Linda Moulton High (OH SNAP!!!!! – You know you’re loved!) are doing awesome. (and I hope everyone else is cool too.)

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