MVDRT February 5, 2010

On this very special broadcast Michael does karaoke, Evelyn schedules an appointment with her otolaryngologist, and cats are making Michael want to kill.  A Chinese national is in trouble for selling phony Cisco components in the USA, most consumers report the iPad leaves them unconvinced, and Amazon’s tail is now between their legs.  Howard Stern might take Cowell’s seat on American Idol (if you cared), Michael Jackson’s doctor to be hauled in Monday, and Google should take their “Don’t be evil.” slogan and insert it.

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There's only a 0.0000034% chance Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel listen to this show. Thank God.

1 thought on “MVDRT February 5, 2010

  1. the singing would go well as a dirge after a teenage wrist slitting party.
    that’s the good news.
    i’d rather rub Vick’s Vapor Rub on my balls than hear it again.
    that’s the not so good news.
    i’m thinking of releasing it to the world as a Youtube dub in a clip from the film Lesbian Vampire Killers. Using Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel for search tags.
    I’d like to see if i could bump those odds up a bit.
    Other than that… spiffy show, but my legs fell asleep at some point.

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