MVDRT April 16, 2010

Tonight’s show featured an all-out, no holds barred knucklefest between Michael, Evelyn, and Nick of the Bedfordshire BNP (British National Party). Evelyn thinks the BNP are a bunch of kooks, and Michael wants to serve as their meeting-hall janitor (so long as Nick keeps the alien greys away).  Josh calls in to win a free piece of junk from Evelyn’s dark, foreboding, unkempt apartment, the president of constitutionally ambiguous Blackwater (now Xe Services) gets indicted on gun charges, and Michael wants corporations to pay no income taxes.  LightPeak might overtake USB 3.0 before the new USB protocol even gets off the ground, a bank robbery ends with a hug, and Michael suspects foul play in the tragic plane crash that took the lives of Poland’s president and others.

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