MVDRT 30 April 2010

Any Valium in the house tonight?  Michael has had it with illegal immigration AND HE’S NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE, unfortunately Sean Hannity and his “Freedom Concert” circuit are a big fat scam, and Michael steps out on a limb by condemning the stoning of women.  Curtis is MIA, an entire song is composed using Windows error sounds (of which there are plenty), Indians have small penises, Evelyn gets a little “swooshy,” and the HP tablet is dead.

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Hope you're not showing that finger around Arizona, bro. Oh, and nice chain, dummy.

10 thoughts on “MVDRT 30 April 2010

  1. “Michael you are a right wing looser just like your butt body Snoory.”

    Well, then. Hard to argue with THAT kind of searing analysis!

    And by the way, “Lightning Man”…;u=541

    Next time you come to my website and make some weak, ineffective, paint-chip influenced attempt at “getting” me, how about you grow a pair and announce who you are? I don’t really care about what you said here. It’s more your cowardly attempt at anonymity that disgusts me.

    For instance, your IP address is, dummy. I’m not saying you really CARE if I know who you are, but then again, it’s hard to say you don’t since you didn’t want to maintain your dumb username from when crawling over here to troll.

    Word of advice: When anonymously squeezing out a feeble attempt at showing me “what for,” make sure to use spell check. It gives you the appearance of possessing the appropriate number of chromosomes.

  2. And by the way, Lightning Man… your dumb comment falls under a show where I spent thirty minutes discussing what a shit-bag Sean Hannity is. God DAMN you are a fucking lightweight.

  3. Big deal you figured out my IP address it is your site after all (what a techie), and my comment was response the bigoted passive aggressive “vibe” I got from reading a couple of your articles… You know what they say; many a true word’s spoken in jest.

    Oh another thing whats up w/ your handle, MV… I mean do you lack so much creativity that all you could come up w/ was the first letter of your first and second name, or is it that you have a big ego?

  4. First off, I don’t mean to suggest that you should be impressed that I know your IP address. Let’s not get silly. My point is to illustrate the stupidity inherent in your decision to conceal your identity here.

    Second, if you’re going to call someone a bigot, base it on something more than a “vibe.” Try listening to the podcast to see what an article refers to before rendering an opinion. The articles merely supplement each broadcast. They do not give you an adequate impression of my take or Evelyn’s take on anything. I can’t believe I have to explain that.

    Third, I’m sorry you don’t like my initials. If you prefer to see my name, it’s at the top of this website and is mentioned several times during each broadcast. My name is also readily available at if you’re hard up to see it. None of that really matters, though. Point is, at least I sign my name to what I do online. Unlike yourself, I don’t hide behind a screen name. Nor do I change that screen name when I make cowardly, inarticulate hit and run remarks on a site without fully understanding what it is I’m annoyed by. I see you spent a bit longer formulating your latest comment on this site. However, it still smacks of autism.

    If you want to fully articulate your grievances with me, I’ll gladly bring you on the next show where you’ll get a full, uninterrupted opportunity to do so in front of a live audience. It will be the most attention you’ve had in a long time. However (this might be the deal breaker), you’ll be required to use your real name.

  5. First off my identity is no ones business, and no I don’t want to partake in your cheesy pod cast, but I do take exception to you using autism as an insult b-cause it’s actually more of a complement… who wouldn’t want to be bunched up w/ the likes of Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, Steve Wozniak, and Bill Gates, aspies have made it possible for egotistical losers like you to propagate your message.

    Another thing, go down to your nearest college and take some African American, Asian American, or Latino studies because you are coming across as a over privileged douche bag, it goes to show how out of touch you are from modern culture.

  6. Of course you don’t want to be on my podcast… and of course it’s because you are above being on my podcast. Frankly, I’ve seen no evidence thus far of you being above it, but I’m still not surprised you’d fall back on such a lame excuse in order to conceal your lack of courage. However, apparently my website is not beneath you. How you made that distinction, I’ll never know… but I’m sure it’s simply the result of your fear of being in front of an audience where you’ll be required to defend the quarrel you’ve started with me here.

    Your insults are without any specific detail or documentation. It’s not enough to simply tell someone they are a bigot who needs to attend African American Studies classes. You need to specifically tell me what it is that I’ve said in my show that warrants accusing me of being a racist or bigot. Such accusations are the new “commie” label that was once thrown around so flippantly in order to discredit people. You, and people like you, are the enemy of free speech in today’s America. You act first, think later.

    You seem like the type of guy who subscribes to a checklist of leftist ideas, none of which are original thoughts, and you view others who deviate from that checklist in any way as being right wing shills. My political views are far more complicated than that. For instance, I support the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. I don’t believe a human life begins immediately at conception. I support socialized medicine so long as people aren’t forced to participate in it. I blame white people of the last century for the majority of the problems faced today by blacks in America, and I have articulated this in my podcast. I don’t support the injection of specific religious institutions and practices in government affairs, I don’t oppose gay marriage, and I don’t want the government to play a totally “hands off” role in our capitalist economy. However, none of this matters to you. In your small mind and in your sheltered world where you surround yourself only with those who think as you do, there is only one way to think. You’ve already made a decision about my entire political being without discussing, investigating, or apparently thinking at all:

    “Michael you are a right wing looser just like your butt body Snoory.”

    That was your entry into this discussion? Way to go. Inarticulate, inaccurate, ineffective, knee-jerk criticism is something you apparently do… and poorly. The idea of you arrogantly telling me to go take any class of any kind is a real laugh. I’d say you’ve got no business lecturing anybody about anything pertaining to education. You’re right about one thing, though. I’m not interested in taking African American or Latino Studies classes, particularly if they’re filled with intellectual bigots like you. See, I don’t like educational environments in which students are encouraged to notice others primarily for their race… but I’m sure that’s right up your alley. Also, if I am “over privileged,” what do you base that on? You really do know nothing about me whatsoever. I grew up in a poor family, I work for a living, and I’ve had to pay for my own college education. However, I’m sure you don’t want to know anything more about me, and it’s not my point to suggest that you should want to. It’s just that when you start making accusations of being a right wing hack or racist, perhaps you should know who or what you’re talking about. Remember: I was sitting here minding my own business when you, some anonymous guy, came in, squatted, and squeezed a festering link of putrification in my face. You are everything that sucks on the Internet.

    Again, I ask you… come on my cheesy show?

  7. I heard this mentioned last night on a re-broadcast, so I had to find it. What the hell happened to a sense of humor? Just last week, they were all OFFENDED at “a chink in the armor”. Give me a break! Michael, please look at my web address or e mail, and PLEASE send me a notice when the next live show will be on. I love you guys, I’d love to call. ( somehow, over time, I got my PW or something screwed up, and I cannot sign on to your e mail notice). Thanks!

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