MVDRT 16 May 2010

Michael rolled solo tonight as Evelyn was out with scurvy or something.  BP appears to have plugged the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, dumb environmental groups are going to sue over the whole thing, and nature blasts more oil into the ocean yearly than man could ever hope to.  Greece is hopefully teaching the United States a debt lesson, Ronnie James Dio checks out permanently, and it’s time to rethink our Facebook dependence.  Your phone likely will not cause your cranium to grow cauliflower, some 16 year old sailor with rich parents is pissed over the rules, and the Republicans are trying to win John Murtha’s seat.  Who cares.  Good for them.  Space shuttle Atlantis docks in space as astronauts determine how best to spread mayonnaise in zero gravity, the NBC Fall schedule is likely an epic fail, and Google was taking more than just pictures while assembling Street View.  Copyright claims are getting out of hand, your copier is saving everything forever, and everybody is shocked that Barack Hussein Obama would nominate a leftist to the Supreme Court.  Dummies.

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Godspeed, Ronnie James Dio.

4 thoughts on “MVDRT 16 May 2010

  1. Great show! had fun calling in. You have a great voice for radio and a good sense of humor. Ill be ready to listen and bug you this weekend.

  2. metal rules – sorry it took so long for your comment to post. the system thought it was spam, and i had to manually approve it.

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