MVDRT 20 September 2010

We were all over the place tonight, and it was another fine broadcast as Tim Pate sat in with Michael.  Tim wants people to stop being pumped full of psychotropic medications, and Michael wants those people to simply try smoking marijuana.  Professional sports stink and the people who follow it religiously are suckers, Michael’s landlord and his wife are creeps who tend to walk in any time they please, and Julian Lennon was really crapped on by his father.  Dave from Omaha would like you to hire him, truck stop prostitutes have a tough job, and a new American Revolution would be virtually impossible in 2010.  James Van Praagh, John Edward, Sean David Morton, and Sylvia Browne are all hack phony frauds, Michael invites you to Demonoid, and Tim recommends The Trailer Park Boys.

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FailBlog needs a mascot. Van Praagh should suffice.

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