MVDRT 06 November 2010

Michael and Evelyn start tonight’s show by airing their dirty laundry, Keith Olbermann’s “suspension” is bollocks (despite his status as Supreme Asshole), and gold isn’t quite as impressive an investment as we’re led to believe. Somebody should ring up George Noory and Glenn Beck to apprise them of this fact. Corporate America should stop sheltering women who practically rub their breasts in the faces of male coworkers, and gun confiscation programs suck (even if masked as “art”). George W. Bush seems to have found inner peace, Americans still manage to sleep at night despite the existence of money thieving douche Ben Bernanke, and the savages in Oakland pursue justice by stealing new TVs. Wonderful.

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Corporate Cleavage
Note to corporate women: When deliberately (and strategically) rubbing your cleavage in the faces of male coworkers, please stop suing when they treat you accordingly.

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