MVDRT 20 December, 2010

Here is the latest episode of Michael Vandeven’s Radio Trainwreck. Sorry it took so long to post it, but with Christmas and the travels associated with it, we’ve had a hard time keeping things up to date. Hope you enjoy the show, and have a great new year.

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Sara Palin says Wikileaks is "treasonous."
Sooo... Sarah Palin thinks the actions of Wikileaks, and by extension those of Julian Assange, are treasonous? Someone please explain to her that one must first be a US citizen in order to commit an act of treason against the US! And to think this woman could potentially be a front runner for the presidency. God help us all. I'm officially DONE with the whole Sarah Palin thing.

3 thoughts on “MVDRT 20 December, 2010

  1. were nice thanks for is show put up now 27/12

    I am her now use is page in Sweden on u.s satellite

    feel dawn on is cabel ))

    se later , i am online

  2. long-winded comment on the hash discussion:

    the isopropyl alcohol hash you mentioned was a form of hash oil. used to be considered the best way to do it, for a long time. there are many different “chemical extraction” type hashes available these days, some using alcohol, some using butane to actually freeze the resin and pass it through a filter. the hash-oil that results is often the strongest form cannabis concentrate you can make, but the cannabis flower that you start with makes all of the difference. A lot of times people are making this oil for honeybud, a sort of modern thai stick variant which no longer includes opium! The hash oil from the dispensary I work for always tests higher in THC, but the highest grade of mechanically extracted cold-water hash works just as well when processed properly. and it’s easier on the lungs when smoked in larger quantities. and you can’t really blow anything up like you can when working with butane!

    one thing that I’ve found to be true is that most people who try and make hash oil or honeybud commercially, are doing so with inferior product that wasn’t good enough to be consumed in it’s original form, so they try and sneak it in as hash or honeybud.

    i’m not going anywhere with this!


  3. RE: Sarah Palin

    I am twisted in torment,
    as I am truly trying to have kind and forgiving thoughts,
    or live-and-let-live mindset,
    or maybe she was dropped on her head as an infant.

    But her words are too frequently quoted and believed,
    causing a ripple of influence.

    Best I can come up with is,
    I do hope that karma always gives back whatever is sent out.

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