MVDRT June 14, 2009

On tonight’s searingly relevant show we learned of the stupidity surrounding those who can’t figure out why their TV’s rabbit ears no longer work.  Michael looks like a burn victim and is planning to rip off his cable company.  Six Flags owes a dollar or two, Americans don’t know how to wax eyebrows, and Borr was banging broads in exchange for haircuts 10 years ago.  We learned you’ll be able to snag Windows 7 from Best Buy for about $50.  Bill O’Reilly popped into the show for the purpose of exposing himself as an uninteresting old man who enjoys using the word “boobs” on voicemail.  Frys Girl wants you to avoid being fat and disgusting in your pajamas while meandering about Sam’s Club.  Are you one of the three people using MySpace?  A shoutout to you on tonight’s show… free of charge.

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