The Spec Sheet with Curtis Thornton – 22 May, 2011

We weren’t raptured.  That’s a shame.

On this episode of The Spec Sheet, Android will one day power your toilet, the jerks at Verizon have joined AT&T in limiting your mobile computing experience, and you shouldn’t worry about the deaths at Foxconn because production will not suffer.  Really?  Apple joins Amazon and Google in streaming your music, but will they dominate?  Government continues to demonstrate indifference toward the consumer interest, Michael blows a gasket while discussing the locked bootloaders on Motorola’s Android phones, Curtis has a book recommendation, and pessimism reigns after Microsoft’s $8.5 billion purchase of Skype, heralding an uncertain future for the world’s most popular VOIP communications platform.


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Foxconn: All your factory explosion are belong to us.

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