The Spec Sheet with Curtis Thornton – 11 August 2011


On this very special edition of The Spec Sheet with Curtis Thornton, Curtis and Michael sweep away the cobwebs by presenting their first show in nearly three months.  Featured on this episode, an insufferable douche from Nashville calls the show, the FCC wants you to text your emergency to a 911 operator near you, and the U.K. hopes to block Facebook and Twitter during riots, à la Hosni Mubarak.  Hooray for the West.  Curtis thinks Motorola is positioning themselves to control Android, DARPA loses contact with their HTV-2, and hackers have demonstrated a really sweet way to crack your GSM and WIFI.  All of these nuggets AND MORE await you on this edition of The Spec Sheet with Curtis Thornton.

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Big thanks to Eric Daw of The Satellite 4 for letting us use his band's music on our podcasts. If you're a musician and want to hear your music on our shows, email so we can arrange it.

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