MVDRT 17 September, 2011

The Clinton surplus never happened, Iran continues to exist as a theocratic dump, and Evelyn was responsible for the submission of this story on tonight’s show. ┬áSome Jackie Kennedy interviews are released, Michael thinks Warren Buffett should bug off, and a possibly innocent man might be executed this week in Georgia, and sooo, sooo much more.

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You should see this documentary. It’s a fascinating look into the madness of the North Korean regime.

10 thoughts on “MVDRT 17 September, 2011

  1. You gonna bring back the Art Bell stream? This junk you are doing is just a side show I imagine, get that stream back up and stop messing around with this podcast stuff. Whoever this guy is, he is a moron. Art Bell is missed, this is junk.

  2. Dear michael,
    I did used to really enjoy your art bell stream alot! I only started listening for a little while before you shut it down. What was the reason behind it & was it all that hard to run?
    I would very much appreciate your time in this matther.
    Thank you!

  3. Michael!
    Glad the AB stream is gone. There are several AB streams out there. How ordinary. I’ve been really diggin’ your podcasts. Is there a schedule when I can listen live? I’d love to call in and ask a few questions. Also, it would be nice to know the date of the re-run podcasts. Sometimes I can figure it out from the content, but most of the time not. How did yo umeet Evelyn???


  4. Glad the AB stream is gone? WOW. I have to say, that’s quite a refreshing departure from the mountains of hate emails I’ve received since pulling AB from the stream. I wish more felt as you. You’re correct about the excessive number of AB streams out there. They all copied what we were doing, and none of them did it as well as we did. Our AB stream was the first to exist, starting in January of 2006.

    The pioneers risked death at every turn to move west. I was first to put up an AB stream. Yay, me. Pass the commemorative plaque.

    There is no schedule of live TrainWreck shows because they are usually scheduled within 48 hours of air. You can sign up for an account on this website and you’ll receive an email notification before each live show. Please call in at 573-837-4948.

    The dates of each show are provided on the stream. The dates are formatted as YYYY/MM/DD. Perhaps your player simply isn’t able to parse the metadata and show the dates. I recommend either VLC or Winamp for listening to our stream.

    Evelyn and I met through my forum at I had conversed with her frequently on the forum, and one day she decided to call the TrainWreck show while I was hosting it solo. We started talking frequently over skype in private conversations about this or that, and I thought the conversations would be interesting to an audience. Soooo… now I’m stuck with her. I don’t think I could have picked a more unlikely and and more beneficial co-host. She’s brought a lot to the show.

    I’m glad you’re interested in our podcast, and I hope you’ll stay that way. Thx for the note.


  5. Oh, and sorry I missed your comment, Al.

    There were numerous reasons to remove AB from the stream:

    1) There were obvious copyright risks associated with streaming AB, and I was no longer willing to shoulder those risks since there was virtually ZERO to gain by doing so.

    2) The job of keeping a popular stream running 24/7 came with financial demands which could almost never be justified. That said, a few people DID financially assist me from time to time over the years, and to those people, I’m eternally grateful. You know who you are, and I am obliged to be at your service should you ever need anything from me.

    3) I was growing tired of responding to emails from listeners who could not manage to connect to the stream.

    4) AB listeners were beginning to complain in a very hateful way when our live podcast would DARE interrupt a 15 year old AB show featuring a guest who’s been dead for 10 years. When these two worlds began to collide, the way forward seemed obvious to me.

    5) I just am not particularly interested in AB any longer. I refuse to care about this old man’s show more than he does.

    6) 6 years were enough.

    Sooo, that’s it in a nutshell.

  6. Okay, I like your show and you have picked a perfectly rabid left winger to bounce your stuff off of. Really, love the lady. Love the tech news. You have very much to learn about the rules of radio though.
    I know that life these days can interrupt the most perfectly laid plans.
    Radio Rule Number 1. Never be inconsistent. Either do it or don’t. Don’t start it until you can be consistent.

  7. Hi, Jethro. While I do understand your point, you have a lot to learn about the rules of podcasting I’m afraid. Rule number one: This is not radio. If it were, I’d be working long hours, getting paid little for it, and not having much fun doing it. Rule number two: Podcasting is usually anything BUT consistent.

    I do wish we could deliver a new show on a weekly basis like clockwork, but it’s just never going to happen. We make no money doing this, and it’s likely we never will, regardless of our consistency. Thus, other items in our daily lives must be given priority.

  8. Hi Michael,

    I enjoy your shows. My girlfriend and I have been listening to your streams and they are entertaining. Keep up the good work!

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