MVDRT 10 November, 2011

Here’s the latest episode of Michael Vandeven’s Radio TrainWreck.  My friend Tim Pate is filling in for Evelyn who is out with Hep C or something.  Enjoy!

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"Hi. Tim's a 37 or 38 year old man from Ogden, Utah. Hobbies include skiing, boating, petting his dog, and walking down the sidewalk to enjoy the architecture. Oh, and he drinks prune juice because of his bleeding ass. If you're interested in Tim, press 1 now."

2 thoughts on “MVDRT 10 November, 2011

  1. Sorry I missed it. I have to take the time to re do my user name and pw, in order to get the e mails as to when live shows will be on. See how late it is? I alywas check this site before I go to sleep, because when I am sleepless, I listen to CoastGab on my WIFi. I heard one last night, the last broadcast before Michael went back to driving a truck, in order to get $ to bring Nabilla to the USA. He was so funny, especially the phony voice of Dr Hawking and later on, the wife. Reminded me of Phil Hendrie spoofs, out of Miami on WIOD back in the 90s. Hilarious! Michael, especially the German. Something else, sounds very Neil Rodgers do you know who NeilGod was? Just wondering. Why are you not world famous? I think you are the greatest. Funny, I hate Michael Jackson, but you played the only song I ever thought was good during that last broadcast, can’t get enough . Today, they are playing Whitney Houston’s songs at every news break. She never cared about her body, and now is dead, so why should we? NO MORE W.H. songs,pleezeeeee!!! And, HI! Evelyn. Good luck on your tests and getting your degree. PS How’s Tim? Love to all. N

  2. Hi Natalie. Where did you hear that episode with the Steven Hawking voice? That’s from 2006 and it’s not posted on the site or in the stream rotation as far as I know.

    It’s been a while since we’ve talked. Hope you’re doing OK. Evelyn finished her master’s long ago, by the way. Now she just needs to find a job which, unfortunately, hasn’t worked out for her.

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