2 thoughts on “The Spec Sheet with Curtis Thornton – 1 April, 2012

  1. I was shopping for a laptop and went into BB. After finalizing a decision, I located a sales clerk, who told me my selection was LIKE, ACTUALLY AWESOME. I am so sick of these stupid over used words, I had to get outta there.

    I went to Sam’s, and my sales clerk was an adult.

    Use the word LIKE if you have an affection for something: I like candy.

    Do NOT use actually, ever. It carries no inspiration, nor does it connotate truth.

    There are thousands of adjectives out there, so why do we always hear “awesome”?

    Is all this “dumbspeak?” Come on, everybody! You too Evelyn and Curtis. Over and over and over again: Actually, awesome. I’m like…YA KNOW? Is this the dumbed down liberal education we have been a victim of, and do you want to be the toy soldier of parroting, a speech robot,or be a real thinker?

    The MVD program is one of the best on internet radio, and the people are above standard. The discussions are of the highest intellectual content. That’s why I have to harp on these dumb words, because they do not jive with the people. It’s not their fault, it’s just this infiltration into out intellect. I don’t get it.

  2. If I hear someone injecting “like” into their sentences every fifth word, I want to remove their eyes with a spoon.

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