MVDRT – 19 February, 2013

Tonight’s show was the “Show to End All Shows” show.  The Supreme Court appears poised to save Monsanto’s butt, Pistorius sets himself up as a marvelous example of gun safety, and Michael says Planned Parenthood is a black genocide machine.  Bill Gates isn’t oblivious to Microsoft’s suck, The Pirate Bay sues for… wait for it… copyright infringement, and Michael blasts open a couple of blood vessels over immigration reform.  Greatness awaits.

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You might be cute, honey, but you represent the end of Western prosperity.

1 thought on “MVDRT – 19 February, 2013

  1. When I first heard of this guy, it was all the hoop-la over his steel kangaroo legs. They said the legs were made of carbon graphite. My God, finally! Tell the Al Gore gang: it is now verified that someone has left a carbon footprint.

    Pistorius..funny name, then I remembered it sounded like that old quote in the history books, which I will get wrong, but wasn’t it to Caesar, “moritorius te salutamus”, as in we who are about to die salute you.

    The news reported his girlfriend was in the bathroom, possibly on the toilet. I guess she must have said, “moratoria te pistorious”.

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