MVDRT – 5 March, 2013

Michael thinks man made global warming believers are bat shit crazy and Evelyn, as a result, thinks Michael is a dick.  PonyBoySunset calls in to make history as our first lesbian caller ever, Hugo Chavez is now at room temperature, and the Arabs can “take it or leave it” where safety is concerned.

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According to PonyBoySunset, it's not always like this.
According to PonyBoySunset, it’s not always like this.

6 thoughts on “MVDRT – 5 March, 2013

  1. FYI the new haircut for this generation of lesbians is the Justin Bieber. WTF???seriously. @Evelyn, she totally does. @MV it is scary such a thing exists. I am going to start a new label because I obviously do not want to be classified in such categories.

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