12 thoughts on “The Spec Sheet – 5 November, 2013

  1. Your podcast was so loaded with unnecessary swear words,
    that it became intolerable (bush-league, at best).

    Too bad, since folks will be driven here by wanting to find
    out what happened to Art, you Could have made this into
    something to attract a lot of listeners to yourself.

    I’m sure it will do well, somewhere — perhaps in an inner city.

    But I can’t imagine a lot of folks wanting to come back to it.


  2. too much swearing? INDEED!
    even worse, they are naked during the broadcast. holding a stick of butter and a piece of 80 grit sandpaper. plus… i haven’t figured out what the butter is for…. #:o)

  3. obtw…. i think the show was riveting and noteworthy in that the chat/forum response was far from minor.
    was the decor going to be anything different from the forum? i think not. would i change the way i do my second favorite thing in all the world if i had a friend with me? again, i think not. matter of fact…. might make it a bit more normal. #:o)

  4. I do agree with the swearing comment, only in that, Cunt is used recklessly. That is one of the strongest and most powerful words we have to use, and it should be used with care and caution…

    I am listening…so far it is holding my interest! Looking forward to listening regularly.

    Thank you!

  5. I must be dumb. I listened to the whole thing and no one mentioned Art nor did George call in….it was all computer talk. ???

  6. You guys go ahead and swear all you want, it’s still a free country on the web…..go ahead and express yourselves. Have been enjoying your show since you took over the Art Bell gadget thingy…………………Right arm!

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