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  1. This interview needs to be posted on EVERY Art Bell website on the Internet so that Bell fans and enemies alike know what’s going on. Art has always done what he believes is in the best interest of everyone involved, not just himself, although at times it may seem like he’s looking out for number one, and only number one.

  2. You guys, MV, you are the greatest! This call from Art is ground breaking and I felt like a puppy getting its belly rubbed! ty ty ty and Very Well Done!

    Maybe he’ll come on every week you could have him do his show as a GUEST! That’s a NC in my book. Please invite him! Q&A with Art Bell! Heaven!

  3. Great show with Art Bell! Art has always been a trailblazer and a visionary. Sirius was just a stepping stone to his own independence and glad to know he will fight his NC. Looking forward to his independent streaming of his show on his website. When he said “wanna take a ride?” My answer is still yes and it has been a hell of a ride so far!

  4. I hope you know how lucky you ate to get to interview the Master Broadcaster himself, Art Bell! When I did Paradigm Radio on blog talk radio he was one of two dream interviews I never got. The other was Zachariah Sitchen… Congrats! Art is the man!

  5. First time I ever heard your show and Art Bell was on it, how cool is that? I found it from a link on “People Who Love Art Bell” on FB. Do you do these shows weekly? Please do more!

  6. Hi,

    I enjoyed the interview, but it is plainly evident that the hosts are interjecting their own comments/opinions way too often. On far too many occasions during the interview, one or another spoke over Art. It was a great opportunity to get AB on the air, but he should have been allowed to expound a bit more, instead of being cut off. Sometimes I think (in general) that hosts love to hear themselves talk more than hearing their guest. speak I don’t say this to be harsh, but I think it would have been best to get Art on and just get out of the way and let the man talk. He doesn’t do many interviews and to get the most out of this opportunity would have been wonderful.

  7. Earl, this wasn’t an ‘interview.’ It was an unprepared for, spontaneous call from Art Bell into a podcast. I think, under those circumstances, these hosts handled it unbelievably well. It is very unlike Art to do this sort of thing, so it was really unexpected.

  8. I’m with Ed – some of you know I’ve been on with MV and once or twice with Curtis. I assure you it’s not a formal thing; it’s very conversational. These guys did a stellar job!

  9. Thousands of his fans paid to hear him and the scumbag quits after 6 weeks !!
    The coward !!! He is a grumpy old man . All he did was bitch about coast and then quit . Fuck that old piece of shit !!!!

  10. I’ve been occupying the planet a long time. I’ve listened to all the best shows in all formats, You are getting better by leaps and bounds and you touch on the most interesting topics. Keep the good things coming!

    I’ve also listened to Art a very long time. If this is a publicity stunt. This one may backfire. I hate it for him, but he caused his on problems. There are better ways of solving troubling issues.

  11. Halt Sinners!
    You’re ALL going to hell!

    Loved the show MV,
    Maybe you can sweet talk Ian Punnet to make an appearance.

  12. I love Art as an entertainer. When he joined SiriusXM, I was very happy and entertained by his show. However, to say that Coast to Coast got the exact deal Siriusxm rejected when Bell issued his ultimatum to stream from his website, etc. Well, with all due respective to Art Bell, he is far too experienced & intelligent to pretend he thinks Premier and Coast’s deal is comparable to the dealArt Bell wanted. OK. Sirius carries terrestrial radio programs and the deals terrestrial companies make with SiriusXM vary but by virtue of the fact Coast and others originate on terrestrial radio means they might air on SiriXM and one AM station or 400 AM stations with a webcast like the deal Premier and SiriXM have – Art Bell was signed to an exclusive deal with SiriXM to increase Subs, ad revenue, & profit of the co. Art Bell had a lucrative piece of Dark Matters’ ad revenue and an annual salary that was quoted in Time mags which was less than 100k. Why? You may guess his taste of the commercial bucks & sub bonuses was so great he took less salary then he could get elsewhere. I believe his SiriXM deal was always meant to draw attention to Bell again as well as his website. Promotion.

  13. The programs which air terrestrially and on SiriXM are intended as content for SiriXM sub base. $ flows from Sirius to pay for terrestrial shows and there’s

    ad revenue on talk stations, too. But no one at Sirius expects Stephanie Miller , Alan Colmes or or Ed Shultz to draw additional sub. Neverless, Art Bell ( think about it ;he still cannot broadcast elsewhere) was an employee signed exclusively to Siri Sat to attract his base listenership to subscribe and if Dark Matter Streamed free then why subscribe?

  14. Finally, the way Howard Stern is exclusive, and brought millions of Subs, really to save Sirius, Bell was signed as one of the other guys in the biz who is popular and unique to where Sub would come. He is a talented, flaky fella.

  15. It would be good for your men to really take to heart the criticisms that you talk much much too much and what you say is almost entirely unneeded. It totally gets in the way of you developing interviewing skills. Listen to your time with Art Bell and you’ll hear that you cut off things he was trying to say numerous times, and you lost pretty well every opportunity to let him, or you, really hit some depths. At least three quarters of what you said was superfluous and just got in the way, and if you could keep your mind and comments on the opportunities of the conversation, it would have covered three times as much material and gone much deeper. Forget the chattiness and improvised comedy — it’s all costing you severely. Get into better listening skills and work with what’s being presented to you.

  16. From your comments, I get the impression you have listened to only one episode of our show: Art’s appearance. You have no interest in the hosts, what they say, how they say it, or why. If it weren’t for Art’s appearance, you’d have no idea we exist. That’s fine, but you’re presenting your assessment as some sort of objective appraisal when it’s anything but. The people who DO listen to our show regularly had generally positive things to say about Art’s appearance. It’s fine that you don’t know us or give a shit about us or our show, but ultimately, I’m not sure there’s much we could have done to please people in your category, save saying nothing at all during that hour. You listened from the perspective of someone who expected to hear The Art Bell Show during his appearance. This simply wasn’t the venue for what you expected.

    One thing I will concede: we had too many hosts on during Art’s appearance. Had we known Art was going to call in, we would have decreased the number of hosts to two. All of that being said, I’m still happy with how things went.

  17. It’s great that you have created the venue to share the love of the “Art of talk” and I have enjoyed much of it – so thanks for that. However, you are being willfully oblivous to Sumi’s excellent points, meant to help you. I HAVE listened to most of your podcasts, and she is accurate. But it seems like you just want the podcast to be a little clubhouse? If you are approaching this as just a hobby, I’d say fine, just keep it as a Skype call, quality be dammed, just have fun, and why record it, then? But it seems you are attempting to do it on a quality level, so why not go all the way? There is potential for more.

  18. It’s not because of the lens performance.It’s daddy acting like one of them, because he want’s to share something new. They just know it!Like daddy’s new ride, who’s gonna join him? the kids!

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