MVDRT August 18, 2009

Our broadcast tonight can be heralded as a fine example of what’s possible when primates move beyond throwing poop.  Michael was frightened to the point of excretion, rather than go to jail children should be wiping more elderly butts, and $500,000 is nothing.  You should take the JFK assassination tour, you COULD take the Manson Family tour, and ghosts are walking about Gettysburg.  Evelyn’s Skype sucks, EVPs are the voices of the dead, and a number of tech blunders have been made.

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I'm a patsy.
I'm a patsy.

19 thoughts on “MVDRT August 18, 2009

  1. Michael,

    As you may have guessed, it is I, Mordred from GNS. I tried to reply to your last e-mail to me, but then discovered that GNS was down for the count. Thus, I ain’t got no e-mail addy to write to you at. Maybe you want it that way. 😉 Anyway, I hope not, as I’d love to continue chatting with me. Feel free to baba booey me at the address I registered here with.

    In Garth Brooks,


  2. Evolution is a hoax! The dinosaurs were put here to test your faith! Crypto-news is my life! I want to marry a Martian! That’s not your mother – It’s a man, baby!!! Life is beautiful! Life is Ugly 🙁

    p.s.- My dog ran away with the spoon.

  3. watup.

    pka… send me your email address.

    phan… get lost. just kidding.

    mordred… stop looking at me like that.

    now that the forum is defunct, i hope you guys keep coming around here. it was a very small handful of people who inspired me to keep the place open, yourselves included in that handful.

  4. What happened to GNS? Admittedly I only checked-in once a month or so but I just tried to navigate there the other day and it’s gone … did Lisa Lyons run a black op on it?

  5. noorholic… here’s what i said to another inquiring mind:

    i tore down the GNS forum because i was tired of baby sitting people who are otherwise supposed to be adults. i also was tired of having my name associated with the site. i had considered deleting all of my posts and then giving the site away and even offered it free and clear to 5 different people. neither of them seemed particularly interested in taking it on, and so i just pulled the plug (which is what i had been fantasizing about doing for some time anyway). the domain name is now for sale.

  6. Did this have to do with that long ass thread? I saw it but I never read it because it was already 3 pages long by the time I noticed it – it was like walking into the middle of citizen kane, so I just decided not to read it. It sounds like I missed everything … anyway, IMO you did god’s work while it lasted.

  7. thx noorholic.

    it didn’t really pertain to the long ass thread as much as it did SOME of the people who posted in it. while the majority were totally cool and entirely pleasurable to converse with, a handful were insufferable gutter trash. they felt entitled, they were incapable of feeling anything other than suspicion, they were repetitive, they were intrusive, and they were highly unappreciative.

    for me, the end came when a number of regulars left the site due to the inevitable changes caused by this chaotic bilge infusion.

    also, to be more simple and direct… it’s just nice not to have to run GNS anymore. i’m not a slave to my computer now. it was a big deal to keep it running well and looking nice. it consumed an embarrassing amount of my time over the course of its 16 months.

  8. OK – another thing … I’d like to listen to this show live … I think I said this once and someone thought I was joking but you really do sound like I imagine Bob Brinker sounded like 30 years ago.

    Anywho, so I’d like to listen to this show live but I don’t know when that happens. I can’t find the time etc. on the site here.

    While I’m making requests — can you put this on something like BlogTalkRadio or something so I can get it on my WiFi enabled radio? (it’s not a CC Crane radio)

    This program provides an invaluable service as, sometimes, I have a bunch of work I need to get done on Sunday and the best of Rollye James is her Friday night show which is her reading from that GD trivia book she has – God I wish someone would take it away from her.

  9. @recoveringnoorholic
    the problem with telling people when MVDRT will air live is that i myself don’t usually know until sometimes 24 hours or so beforehand. my “real life” schedule is sometimes unpredictable and prone to fluctuation. evelyn is in the same fix. thus, it can be embarrassing to announce a schedule only to fail miserably on execution. as a matter of fact, the most recent show was never announced prior to air. haha… now how’s THAT for professionalism?

    regarding blogtalkradio… i just spent a couple minutes examining that site, and frankly i don’t get it. it appears as though they host your podcasts for you, which is something i don’t need as they’re already hosted on this site. is there something more i’m missing? maybe i’ll set up a separate shoutcast stream with MVDRT playing in a randomized loop or something.

  10. Hey MV, have you made some changes to the stream lately? I had it on all day yesterday while I was in bed sick and I thought I heard you saying something about Gmail and joining the 21st century? It also seems to be randomly playing music. Just wondering if you switched up the format recently, or if my fever made me hear strange things. lol.

  11. @PKA

    watup. i was feeling saucy last night. thus, i decided to “spin the hits” for 2 or 3 hours. i believe you heard me complaining about the fact that fox news’ website is REMARKABLY 1998, as evidenced by the fact that the ENTIRE GOD DAMNED PAGE REFRESHES every time you click a different photo in one of their galleries. i was questioning whether or not they’d ever heard of a small technology known as “ajax” which happens to be used by tiny, insignificant websites like “gmail” and the like.

    you’re sick? get well soon, bro. hope it’s not swine flu. apparently, 40% of us are supposed to wind up with it. it’ll be death here, death there, death everywhere. um, yeah. that “statistic” should be frightening enough to prompt a voluntary mass-vaccination of the sheeple. hope the vaccine manufacturers are happy with the congressmen they’ve bought.

  12. Ohhhh, okay. Yeah I was in and out of sleep so I was curious as to if I was going crazy or something. Haha. You should do that more often, it was quite a surprise! And yeah, Fox is soooo not web 2.0. Their site rapes donkey shit.

    About the swine flu…well, I think I got food poisoning but I’m running a fever so I have no clue. See, I ate some free chicken from a local country gas station that they were about to do away with before closing. So, the basic moral of the story here is: “Deal-seekers beware. Free gas station chicken is always a gamble.”

    Anyways, I was thinking…I know you don’t like posting when you’re doing new shows, but maybe if you decide to schedule one you should create a mailing list for last-minute updates? I’m practically wired into my gmail as it’s my central update hub. Just a thought for the future!


  13. I’m not sure … I don’t know much (anything) about BlogTalkRadio … all I know is that I can receive it on my WiFi enabled radio. I don’t feel passionate about it one way or the other, though.

  14. @PKA

    good idea. just sent an email to everybody about tonight’s show. i’ll continue doing that in the future.

  15. watup.

    pka… send me your email address.

    phan… get lost. just kidding.

    mordred… stop looking at me like that.

    now that the forum is defunct, i hope you guys keep coming around here. it was a very small handful of people who inspired me to keep the place open, yourselves included in that handful.

  16. This was one of my favorites, I loved the C2C style EVP hour. Man those kid voices were creepy. The most frustrating thing was Eve not being able to properly explain how awesome the Freedom Trail is..

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