The Fret Files – Special Announcement

The Fret Files: A Guitar Workshop Podcast

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! The Fret Files Podcast is moving to a new website and will no longer be available here at We’ve loved being part of the lineup but all good things must come to an end.

The new place to hear The Fret Files Podcast is at If you are subscribed in iTunes, it should automatically redirect our RSS feed for you and the transition should be seamless. However, because there are so many ways people listen to a podcast, we can’t cover all of the possibilities, so you might have to go to and resubscribe in order to get new epsiodes.

If this is the last episode you get, you will need to resubscribe at If you have problems, email Eric at by clicking on the contact link. Do not email the admin at Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you at

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Martinez Tonight – September 3, 2017

It was a lively and energetic episode of Martinez Tonight, with BellGab friend LittleChris joining the crew to drop some HUGE news concerning George Senda (The Guy From Pittsburgh).  Also, in their first public acknowledgement of BellGab matrimony, Yorkshire Pud announces his marriage to another BellGab member.  Who could it be?  As always, Confabulation Nation and chat room shout outs…with SendaShitPants winning tonight’s vote for best chat handle.  Frolicking fun for all.  Give it a listen.  Why not?  It’s free.

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The Fret Files – Episode 38

The Fret Files: A Guitar Workshop Podcast

Eric Daw, a 20 year guitar repair veteran, talks guitar tech, guitar repair, guitar tools, guitar building and all things relating to the art of guitar craft. Eric takes calls, reads emails, and interviews a myriad of interesting guitar people.

In this episode, Eric and Melissa discuss some guitar news, mainly the passing of Eric Danheim of Big Tex Guitars. Questions include a host of electronics questions, lots of follow ups on episode 37, how to fix an off-center Bigsby, and fret arbors vs. the hammer in method when it comes to refrets.

To participate in the show, you can leave a message with your question or comment by calling or texting 757-774-8482. To email the show, visit Eric at and click the contact link. Visit the show online at Thanks for listening.

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