Martinez Tonight – 20 August, 2017

On this episode of Martinez Tonight, we discuss the weekly happenings of Mr. George Senda to include (but not limited to): his “weight loss,” mule encounter, and news caster acumen.  As always, there are Confabulation Nation and Chat Room Shout Outs.  Oh, I almost forgot, a once in a lifetime live phone interview with the big guy himself.  So sit back with some butter popcorn and a beverage of your choice, and enjoy the ride.  Keep it Twitchy, BellGab.

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Martinez Tonight – 13 August, 2017

The new season of “Martinez Tonight” kicked of with a bang. Topics include updates since the last show, George’s apartment inspection, troll update, who the hell is co-host”Abe” and much, much more. Also, there’s fan favorites such as Confabulation Nation and Chat Room Shout Outs. If you missed the fun, fire up your device and give the episode a listen. You won’t regret it.

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RandomCast Episode #2 – We tried to call a podcast

This episode has so many high points.  The funny thing about high points is there are also two low points to go with it.  What I am saying is this episode has double the low points than high points.  Enjoy!

We tried to call the Douglas Dietrich show but he never answered.  Unfocused podcasting wins.

We're podcasting
We’re podcasting!

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